max 203 passengers

bar & kitchen aboard

media equipped

Disabled Friendly

Corporate & Private Events

Corporate & Private Events

With her unbeatable elegance, interest, and history, Galleon Tirena will make your next business event stand out from the crowd. Trying to impart the importance of your corporate event to your attendees can be a tough task, but it’s a challenge that can be met simply by choosing this unique Dubrovnik event venue, full of character and grace.


One of the world’s most beautiful wedding destinations, Dubrovnik offers a plethora of amazing weddings locations. Its spectacular historical architecture, mysterious cobbled streets, and delightful terraces are romantic as it gets, so much so that the bride-to-be can have a hard time deciding which Dubrovnik wedding location to choose.
Photo & Filming Location

Photo & Filming Location

Galleon Tirena gained her fair share of fame as one of the popular Dubrovnik filming locations. As an accurate replica of 16th century Dubrovnik Galleon, made entirely of wood and featuring all the authentic tools, repair tools, and navigation instruments, Tirena seems to be the magnet for filmmakers.
Galleon Tirena on Dubrovnik Old Port


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City walls of Dubrovnik from the deck of galleon Tirena
Tirena’s home port

Old Port Dubrovnik

Galleon Tirena is provoking cheers and sighs every time she unfurls the sails in front of the majestic Dubrovnik’s City Walls, each time she returns to or departs from the Old City’s port. Everyone stops, cheers, and draws out their smartphones, eager to capture Tirena’s swift maneuvers, as the grace of bygone times and tall ships suddenly comes back to life again.

To see Tirena sail around Dubrovnik is more than a visual synergy – it is to enter a time machine.