Unique Wedding Venues in Dubrovnik

10 Unique Wedding Venues in Dubrovnik

Choosing the perfect wedding venue plays perhaps the biggest role in planning and crafting your big day. A wise choice of wedding venue goes a long way as it will set the tone for your ceremony, reception, or both. This most southern Croatian city has already won the hearts of many brides across the world. No wonder, as the array of fit-for-royalty, unique wedding venues in Dubrovnik is simply stunning.

Whether you want a big or small or big wedding, religious or civil ceremony, pop-up or micro wedding, or plan aromatic wedding elopement, There are plenty of unique wedding venues in Dubrovnik, each of them special and romantic. Let us stroll together around this city, widely known as “Pearl of Adriatic“, and show you why it has become a Wedding Pearl as well.

Unique Historic Setting of Lokrum Monastery
Unique Historic Setting of Lokrum Monastery


This majestic 16th-century palace, with its harmonious mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles, is the ultimate Dubrovnik wedding venue. Situated in the very heart of Old Town, it is one of the most beautiful palaces in Dubrovnik. Its ornate facade, portico, and atrium resemble a lacework carved from white stone. Sponza Palace is presently the home to Dubrovnik archives and a must-have venue City’s high-end cultural and other events. Along with Rector’s Palace, this is one of the unique wedding venues in Dubrovnik that is both romantic and fit for royalty.


Surrounded by a crystal clear sea from three sides, the 15th-century Revelin Fortress dominates Dubrovnik’s contours, with grace and strength. Once a silent protector of the Dubrovnik Republic, today Revelin is a stage for many events. Uniting history with a dash of modernity, Revelin has a popular nightclub and two terraces that offer a spectacular view of the city and seascape and can accommodate 450 people, which makes it a sought-after castle wedding venue.


Among all the beautiful wedding venues in Dubrovnik, Galleon Tirena stands apart, as this enchanting, evocative, and elegant tall ship can take you anywhere you want. Indeed, this 100% accurate replica of 16th century Dubrovnik merchant galleon, Tirena will set your wedding in a class of its own. Tirena can hoist her sails and take you to your dream wedding ceremony on the islands of Lokrum or Lopud. Moreover, while Tirena is anchored in front or sails around Dubrovnik City Walls, your guests can enjoy a wedding reception against a backdrop so epic that it’s hard to beat.

Engagement or Wedding Party Sailing around Dubrovnik
Engagement or Wedding Party Sailing around Dubrovnik


This striking villa is a monument to true love. Originally built for a beautiful Moorish woman whose nickname was Scheherazade, the villa is the only edifice in Dubrovnik constructed in lavish oriental style. These are also the reasons why it is often called the Mediterranean Taj Mahal. Surrounded by lush, exotic gardens that serve as a wedding reception venue, with the exquisite view of the Old City Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island, the incredible Villa Scheherazade is one of the most romantic and unique wedding venues in Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik churches, cathedrals, and chapels are among the most beautiful in Europe. Built in Baroque and Renaissance styles, Dubrovnik’s churches are the very soul of the city. Perhaps you are looking for a religious ceremony venue for your wedding abroad in Dubrovnik? There are plenty of churches inside the Old Town, all beautifully preserved and still active. Whether you choose the majestic Church of St Blaise, Church of St Ignatius, or the city’s Orthodox Church, remember – nothing says romance like tying a knot in Dubrovnik.

Say YES in Dubrovnik's Saint Blaise Church
Say YES in Dubrovnik’s Saint Blaise Church


The oldest arboretum in the world, Trsteno is an opulent oasis of peace and harmony, a perfect Dubrovnik wedding ceremony or reception venue. This renaissance summer residence of Dubrovnik’s Gučetić-Gozze family boasts a garden that has been cultivated from the 15th century to the present day. With over 300 various plants and trees, aqueduct, mill, the fountain with Neptune and nymphs, and the belvedere pavilion overlooking the sea and Elaphiti Archipelago, Trsteno has become a favorite filming and photo location, as well as one of the sought-after wedding venues in Dubrovnik.


Once a beloved vacation retreat of aristocrats, Villa Bunić-Kaboga is one of the Renaissance summer residences around Dubrovnik. Today, restored to its full splendor as one of the most valuable cultural heritage monuments in Croatia, Villa Bunić Kaboga became one of the top wedding venues in Dubrovnik. Including a historic chapel of St Bernard for religious ceremonies, this gorgeous villa is your one-in-all perfect wedding venue in Dubrovnik.


Unique wedding venues in Dubrovnik are not limited to the Old City. Dubrovnik’s waterfront and countryside abound in fine restaurants, beautiful nature, iconic beaches, unforgettable vistas, and various splendid locations. Many of them make sensational wedding venues. Brides dreaming of seafront setting and a barefoot wedding can take their pick among Dubrovnik’s famed beaches: Sveti Jakov Beach, Porporela, Sunset Beach, or Banje Beach.
Mediterranean villas and top restaurants tucked in the lush green of Dubrovnik’s Konavle region – such as Villa Tereza, Kameni Dvori, or Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant – boast a winning combo of pristine nature, exquisite local cuisine, and history.
The nearby Pelješac Peninsula, home to world awarded wines and vineries, offers exotic weddings in vineries set among the wine yards and olive groves, such as Villa Corta Katarina Vinery.

Wedding Ceremony in Dubrovnik Countryside
Wedding Ceremony in Dubrovnik Countryside

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