Dubrovnik Scenery from Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik, a Filming Location for Hollywood Blockbusters

Movie time! Remember King’s Landing from Game of Thrones, a place of deadly intrigues and epic battles, of love and betrayal? How about casino city Canto Bight of the Star Wars Universe, a site of some of the most interesting actions scenes in The Last Jedi? Captain America battling a villain, Red Skull, along some ancient stone walls? Nottingham from Robin Hood? If you didn’t realize it by now, all those places were – Dubrovnik. A popular filming location for TV series, Hollywood blockbusters, and even Bollywood films, Dubrovnik has been a place loved by movie directors for over a century now. 


In the early 20th century, Dubrovnik became a movie location for the first time. Historic architecture and exquisite vistas, great climate, and perfect light made many a famous director fall in love with Pearl of The Adriatic: Orson Wells, Jiri Menzel, Hayao Miyazaki, Francis Ford Coppola, to name but a few. As time went by, this love affair between Dubrovnik and moving pictures kept growing. Today, Dubrovnik has an entire film festival dedicated only to films shot in and around the city. Besides projections, this festival offers filming location guide tours such as “On the trail of Oscars“ and “Game of Thrones Tour Dubrovnik“, a film-related orientation race inside Old City, and many other contents for movie lovers of all age groups.


The city’s historic heritage offers numerous many beautiful and inspiring shooting locations. Sometimes the entire Old City becomes a filming set, with some of the popular micro-locations being Pile Gate and Ploče Gate, Rector’s Palace, St Dominic Street, and Ethnographic Museum. Then there are iconic City Walls with their impressive fortresses: Bokar, Minčeta, Revelin, and St. John’s. Outside the Old City, there is the eye-catching Lovrijenac Fortress, Arboretum Trsteno, and the Island of Lokrum.

This list wouldn’t be complete without Croatia’s only 100% accurate, 100% wood-made replica of a historic ship – Galleon Tirena. Part-time machine, part a wholly functional, sailing tall ship, Tirena is winning the hearts of filmmakers by the day. It has already seen a fair share of pirates, sailors, dignitaries, and captains in both historical documentaries and advertisements. More to be announced!

Galleon Tirena as Filming Location
Galleon Tirena as Filming Location