Galleon Tirena offers a stunning Dubrovnik experience for everyone

Tirena offers a stunning Dubrovnik experience for everyone. To sail aboard Galleon Tirena is to enjoy a Dubrovnik experience like no other, as the evocative atmosphere of this accurate replica of the 16th century Dubrovnik galleon is a feast for all senses. Visitors can savor the brilliant views of Old City and the surrounding seascape, enjoying a ride aboard a historical ship that originates from the same era when most of the Dubrovnik’s majestic architecture had been built. The lovers of history and tall ships will appreciate the ship’s construction and all the details that were painstakingly executed in accord with detailed historic blueprints and other archival documents.

Galleon Tirena - Dubrovnik unique event venue

This type of Dubrovnik galleon was originally sailed by a crew of fifty men. Today, however, Tirena has a crew of five plus the captain. A part of interior design has been remade to accommodate the needs of modern passengers and hence ship has a bar, five state-of-the-art toilets, and cabins for the crew. Though Tirena has an engine, she has also four square rigs and one latten, enabling her to harness the power of wind without engines. Regardless of these alterations, the ship kept her 100% original look and feel. Furthermore, the ship features many of the old tools that were a must-have once upon a time, such as navigation instruments and tools for repairing the ship out on the sea. Altogether, this makes Tirena a highly immersive Dubrovnik experience, a class on its own.

As Tirena continues to sail the sea around Dubrovnik, she provides a sight that is nothing short of spectacular. Her elegant lines and irresistible charm are a perfect match for the breathtaking beauty of Dubrovnik. Unique and evocative, Tirena embodies the spirit of the region’s proud maritime history, when the mighty fleets of the freedom-loving Dubrovnik Republic sailed the seven seas.

Dubronvik City Walls

 To see Tirena sail around Dubrovnik is more than a visual synergy – it is to enter a time machine.