Why opt for a single wedding location when you can have the entire Dubrovnik and its surroundings at your palm?

One of the world’s most beautiful wedding destinations, Dubrovnik offers a plethora of amazing weddings locations. Its spectacular historical architecture, mysterious cobbled streets, and delightful terraces are romantic as it gets, so much so that the bride-to-be can have a hard time deciding which Dubrovnik wedding location to choose.

Among all the perfect wedding venues in Dubrovnik, Galleon Tirena stands out as it allows you to have many attractive options on your most special day. The ship’s timeless elegance is a perfect backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion. However, Tirena can give you so much more, because a ship can travel: the galleon can hoist her sails and take you anywhere your heart desires. Your most romantic elopement ever can include saying yes on the magical islands of Lopud and Lokrum, with their fantastic flora, fauna, and historic buildings. Your wedding party guests can enjoy reception while anchored in front or sailing around the magnificent Dubrovnik City Walls, celebrating against a vista so iconic and so spectacular that it’s hard to beat.

Galleon Tirena unique event venue in Croatia

As a truly unique Dubrovnik wedding venue, Tirena allows you to craft a wedding celebration that will give birth to many stories and memories in years to come, precious reminiscences of a magical and unique celebration.

An exclusive fantasy venue that can also be as private as you want, this unique replica of 16th century Dubrovnik galleon is beyond captivating. Named after a famously beautiful fairy, Galleon Tirena won’t let you down. Full of sensory romance, the ship’s every inch radiates a sense of history and mystery of the times bygone. Immersed in Tirena’s atmosphere of Renaissance and its unbridled passion for life and love, sail into your future life while Adriatic Sea waves sparkle all around and Dubrovnik’s marbled palaces and domed churches glisten under the splendid southern sky.

More than a picture-perfect wedding venue in Dubrovnik, Tirena is a fantasy dream come true, your own piece of paradise and the most beautiful adventure in one.

Romantic wedding venue in Dubrovnik

The ship’s timeless elegance is a perfect backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion