Hen Stag Party in Dubrovnik

How to Throw a Stag or Hen Party in Dubrovnik

Considering a wedding abroad? How about throwing a stag or hen party, or even a sten party in Dubrovnik? With its magnificent setting, plenty of options for all budgets, and many unique event venues, Dubrovnik makes a perfect location for your stag or hen party. Our event organizers will be with you during each and every step towards your smashing-hit bachelorette or bachelor party.

Tirena Galleon in Dubrovnik port at sunset
One-of-a-kind Galleon Tirena can sail anywhere you like


You’ve become a bridesmaid. You’re exhilarated, over the moon, and cannot wait to see your best friend or sister walk down the aisle in that splendid gown, straight out of a dream. However, as every gal knows, bridesmaid’s duties are a host compared to best men’s tasks. And you are determined to pass this test with flying colors. You’re the one person that will emotionally and logistically support the bride through wedding planning and ceremony. You will be probably running all the small errands – taking care of DIY gifts, cards, invitations, decorations for all the pre-wedding events and the wedding itself. You’ll be there for the engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsals, shopping for the wedding gown and accessories… You will walk down the aisle on the big day and act a true hostess at the reception. All in all, you will be the main go-to person for the bride.


In midst of all this, you’ll also have to organize a hen party. After you choose the location, work out your budget, go over timing and schedule, it’s time to brainstorm the content and activities of a hen party. While you take care of everyone invited, remember that bride is the lady of the hour. Is she an outdoorsy and active person? Is she romantic or pragmatic? Does she adore Spa treatments? Is she shy or outgoing? This will pretty much tell you the direction, from choosing hen party decorations, cocktail ideas, activities, games, and more. If you need some support, you should have no trouble finding some experienced bridesmaids out there. Gather your gals’ HQ and work it out together. Delegate jobs, plan activities, from ice-breakers to all the fun activities and the hen party will turn out a success, eventually becoming a cherished memory.

Hen Party in Dubrovnik
Hen party like no other in Croatia


The happiness and excitement of a wedding are not limited to couples. After the initial pride for becoming a best man to your brother, cousin, or best friend, the reality and responsibility of this task might kick in hard. There’s a ring and suit shopping, writing wedding speeches and – probably the most demanding – organizing the stag party. In general, guys tend to be a bit laxer when it comes to this once-in-a-lifetime event than girls. Therefore, gather your stag party team and begin planning.


The first rule: Timing rocks. Start organizing, now. In this way, you can avoid errors and have a truly memorable stag party. Pick the date, but don’t rush. Stick to it and you won’t run out of time. Some expert event organizers say you should take care your stag party doesn’t clash with some sports world final – but with a bit of care, you can incorporate that in your bachelor party too.

The second rule: Destination is the king. Try something new, definitely a location that has good accommodation options, fun content, and other interests. A stag party abroad can be as feasible and fun as one at home.

Gallen Tirena at Sipan island
Dubrovnik islands – perfect stage for sten, stag or hen parties

Third rule: Budget is the foundation. Even if you’re not able to afford a big spender’s stag party, creativity and careful planning can allow you some luxurious and unique options.
Fourth rule: Epic activities. Chose your battles wisely, be creative. Brainstorm with your buddies, look around and think of the activities that will be bonding, fun, and memorable. Best men and grooms across the world love movie characters from “Hangover”, but it’s probably not a good idea – as they say on TV – to try this at home. Besides, never forget: the best man’s main duty is to bring a groom to the actual wedding on time. Perhaps you could calculate a little breather before this other big day dawns.
Fourth rule: Keep everyone updated. Set up an online group, checklist transport, accommodation, and food, all of the small details that might be overlooked but are as important as the central stag party itself.


Thinking of a sten party, where you combine stag and hen parties? A multi-day wedding abroad can conveniently include a memorable sten party. Increasingly popular, sten parties cut the expenses, simplify logistics and guarantee a great warm-up before the big day celebration.

As a world-famous wedding destination, Dubrovnik has everything you need for a successful sten party: professional event organizers, as well as a wide array of stunning locations and event venues in and around the city. One of those is Galleon Tirena, a 100% accurate replica of the 16th-century Dubrovnik merchant galleon. With a setting that is both evocative and party-inviting, this one-of-a-kind tall ship can sail anywhere you like, offering a wide range of creative and fun activities. Come aboard this fantasy galleon – it’s time to celebrate!


Multi-day weddings abroad are becoming more and more common, as they provide many benefits. Couples have more time to socialize with their friends and family. They can relax, and don’t have to squeeze everything within 24 hours. More time allows various activities, including rehearsal, bridal shower, sten, stag or hen party, and more. A careful choice of the destination for your wedding abroad plays a key role as the location will define the span of the options for your big day and everything around it.

With its vibrant lifestyle, welcoming ambiance, choice of event venues, bars and restaurants, beaches, and plenty of picture-perfect, Instagrammable spots, Dubrovnik is one of the European top destinations for weddings abroad, including all pre-wedding and post-wedding events.

Feature image and island image photo courtesy of Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings.