Lopud Island

Galleon Tirena is a guarantee for a most memorable family vacation in Dubrovnik. One of the best family attractions in Pearl of Adriatic, Galleon Tirena is ready to take you away in space and time, on an adventure that will be both inspiring and great fun!

Glide over the perfect blue of the Adriatic Sea
Galleon Tirena is ready to take you on an y adventure – near and far!


Every time Galleon Tirena hoists her sails and maneuvers out of Old Port Dubrovnik, everyone happening to be in the port at the moment halts, cheers, and grabs their camera. No wonder, as seeing this accurate replica of a 16th-century galleon reverses time to the era when elegant tall ships ruled the sea. A genuine time machine! Seeing Tirena move is great, but being on board is even better. Once you cross the ship’s plank and meet Captain Miho Pracat and his faithful crew, you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere that’s hard to beat. And now it’s time to do what Galleon Tirena does best – sail away and have fun! Galleon Tirena will take you on an island adventure that could be the pinnacle of your family vacation in Dubrovnik, and here’s why.

History is present everywhere on Lopud, even in its park


Galleon Tirena will show you many wonders that are not accessible on the shore. One of those is Lopud, a gem of nearby Elaphiti Archipelago. Named after a Greek word for deer, Elaphites comprise 13 islands and islets stretching northwest of Dubrovnik. Since Captain Miho Pracat was born on Lopud, he will be very glad to initiate you to all the secrets of this charming Adriatic island, its many natural beauties, and cultural attractions. Famous for its sandy beaches, most notably Šunj Beach, Lopud is covered in Mediterranean evergreen vegetation – from evergreen bushes and pines to olive and orange trees, lavender, and more.

Discover 15th-century Franciscan monastery, presently a luxury hotel on Lopud Island


Though small, Lopud Island – was inhabited since antiquity. The traces of rich history are scattered all over the island. Even a short stroll – or a ride in a golf cart – around the island will reveal its many historical sites. From the 15th-century Franciscan monastery, presently a luxury hotel, to as many as 24 churches, or aristocratic summer residences scattered among fishermen’s houses, Lopud never ceases to amaze with its intimate and unimposing, yet unique atmosphere. History is present everywhere on Lopud, even in its park which, besides native Mediterranean vegetation and citruses, is home to some exotic plants such s palms, eucalyptuses, and bamboos.  Baroness Meyneri, who constructed this park, inscribed her motto within it, saying “Hic mihi optime”, or “It is here I feel the best”. Captain Pracat very much hopes you will share this fair lady’s feelings about his birth island. 

Those in the mood for a light hike can explore the island’s hiking paths immersed in the scents of Mediterranean plants. Explore the island by foot, and soak up the fabulous views from various vantage points. One of these, 16th-century Spanish fortress Sutvrač offers unimpeded vistas of island and sea horizons.

Geocaching treasure hunt can be combined with other fun activities, such as hiking, biking, or a lazy break on a beautiful Šunj Beach
Geocaching treasure hunt can be combined with other fun activities, such as hiking, biking, or a lazy break on a beautiful Šunj Beach


Your Galleon Tirena Lopud adventure can include a very special treat – a geocaching treasure hunt. Fun for all generations alike and a great family attraction, our Galleon Tirena Treasure Hunt is sure to become a cherished memory from your family vacation in Dubrovnik.

Get ready for your very special island geocaching treasure hunt on island Lopud!