Time Travel Dubrovnik: 10 Interesting Facts About Dubrovnik

One of the most famous historic Mediterranean maritime republics, Dubrovnik has its fair share of stories and historic firsts. Fascinating facts about Dubrovnik are a true treasure trove! Your Dubrovnik Time Travel with Galleon Tirena will uncover many of these gems. Much more than just another sightseeing water tour, the excursion aboard Galleon Tirena defies space and time, guaranteeing an adventure that is immersive, evocative, and great fun: the best Dubrovnik family attraction, suited for all generations. 

And now, let’s hoist our sails and explore the less known and fascinating facts about Dubrovnik. 

Small Onofrio fountain in the Old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia


  1. In 1416, Dubrovnik abolished slavery, becoming the first state to do so in the whole of Europe, and wider. In comparison, England abolished slavery in 1569 and US in 1865. 
  2. The world’s first quarantine was invented in Dubrovnik in 1377 called Lazareti. Instead of partial or cruel measures for protection against the plague that were common in other European cities at the time, Dubrovnik built the brand new facilities for quarantine of all the ships’ crews and their cargo on the nearby islands, under the supervision of medics and guards. 
  3. The Republic’s Senate was prohibited from taking sessions and reaching decisions during the strong southern wind, called jugo or sirocco, as it was believed this stormy wind – which is always accompanied by the extremely low pressure and humidity – affects the sound and clear reasoning. 
  4. Though not the first in Europe, the pharmacy in Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery is the oldest pharmacy that has been continually in operation, ever since its establishment in 1317 to this very day. By opening the pharmacy, Franciscans followed one of their founding principle, which ordered that friars have to live off their own work. 
  5. In 1395 Dubrovnik passed a naval insurance law. The oldest such act in Europe, it predates Lloyd’s act for almost three centuries. Even before that, in 1272, Dubrovnik Statute instituted exclusive articles on the matter of naval law, which was the first such document in the world. 
  6. The first historically recorded organized fire prevention in the whole of Europe took place in Dubrovnik, as testified by the provisions of the Dubrovnik Statue from 1272 that regulated the construction materials and layout of buildings to minimize fire risk. These provisions covered also the precise instructions for firefighting and cover of certain fire damages. 
  7. In 1296 Dubrovnik constructed one of the first sewage systems in Europe that are still in use today. In this, Dubrovnik predated some large capitals such as London and Paris. 
  8. Dubrovnik had its municipal retirement home as early as 1347. 
  9. In 1301, Dubrovnik established the official city medical service. In 1441 the newly founded Supreme Health Council took over all the public health-related issues. 
  10. The oldest arboretum in Europe is situated in the territory of Dubrovnik Republic – in Trsteno. Constructed in 1498, Arboretum survived centuries, various calamities and wars and eventually gained global recognition as one of the filming locations for the Game of Thrones TV series. 
Fountain Neptune in Trsteno Arboretum, Dubrovnik, Croatia

That’s all for now from the merry crew of Galleon Tirena… See you aboard!